Roz Purcell slams former boss Donald Trump’s presidential campaign

She hopes he doesn’t get into the White House...

Roz isn't holding back with her comments
Roz isn’t holding back with her comments

Roz Purcell has admitted she won’t be backing her former boss Donal Trump’s presidential campaign as she’s completely against what he’s standing for.

The model signed to the billionaire’s modelling agency in New York, after coming seventh place in the Miss Universe pagaent back in 2010.

Roz moved overseas at just 20 years of age to try break into the American modelling industry, but came back to Ireland shortly after.

Regardless of the big opportunities in the US, the Irish beauty won’t be backing his upcoming bid for the White House.

Speaking to Eoghan McDermott on his RTE 2FM show, Roz said, “I would be surprised if he became president of America.”

She doesn’t agree with many of the issues Trump is standing for, and wouldn’t like to see him come to presidency: “I think that a lot of things he’s running his election on, I’d be really against so I hope he won’t.”

Referring to his comments on Mexican immigration, the model said, “Obviously when I ever met him during Miss Universe, he was always very nice to me. I was from Ireland… I wasn’t trying to sneak across the border or anything like that.”

Elsewhere, the model has been busy celebrating the launch of Bressie’s book launch over the past week.

The couple are a positive influence on each other
The couple are a positive influence on each other

Her boyfriend of two years released his debut book about mental health, Me and My Mate Jeffrey.

The Voice of Ireland coach told Roz about his battle with depression shortly after they first met, and admitted that she has been a huge help to him ever since.

Speaking on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM, he said, “I skated through life, getting on really well with people but not telling them what I was going through. I wasn’t with Roz very long when I sat her down and I said it to her. She said the right thing. She said, ‘Lets take it a day at a time.’ I think that honestly, really helped.”

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