Roz Purcell SLAMS Donald Trump!

The model and author used to like "The Don". Not any more...

Roz Trump 1
Roz got to know Donald Trump during Miss Universe 2010


Roz Purcell is one of the few Irish people to have got to know Donald Trump, as the US presidential candidate took a shine to the Tipperary beauty when she attended the Miss Universe pageant in 2010. In fact, having come 7th overall in the contest, she was represented by Trump’s agency for a year, before returning to Ireland in 2011.

So it’s natural that Roz is often asked about Trump, especially since he has been in the headlines recently as the front runner in the race to be the Republic nominee for the next US presidential election. And while she has kept a discreet silence most of the time, she revealed her true feelings to independent.ie today.
“I wouldn’t agree with any of his policies and I hope he doesn’t win,” admitted Roz. “It’s mad to watch. I keep thinking, ‘Is this real life?’ Maybe he always had those believed, but it Miss Universe wasn’t the place to say them.”

Miss Universe Organization Photocall
Ron (left) with some of the finalists from the Miss Universe pageant


Roz has been careful not to put the boot in too much, but she admitted that she doest agree with any of his policies, and she obviously feels that the power has gone to his head, and Trump has turned into something that she never saw before. “I guess his personality has grown now and he’s turned into this alter ego,” she said, before adding “It’s strange to watch!”

Roz Purcell
Roz’s career goes from strength to strength. Pic: Kieran Harnett


Since returning to Ireland after her year in the US, Roz’s career has gone from strength to strength, not only as a successful model but as a food blogger and, most recently, author.  And judging by her comments about Trump, she has a sensible head on her young shoulders as well!

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