Roz Purcell opens up about not being maternal: “I don’t really like kids”

She's in no rush to have any children of her own.

Roz is smoking in STELLAR's new shoot | Lili Forberg
Roz is smoking in STELLAR’s new shoot | Lili Forberg

Roz Purcell has opened up about the possibility of starting a family, revealing that it’s not on her agenda any time soon.

The Tipperary native is in no rush to have children with her boyfriend Bressie, as she feels she’s still a bit young.

Speaking to our sister mag, STELLAR in this month’s edition, Roz admitted: “I’m only 25! He’s 35, but we don’t even talk about marriage or kids. I think that’s so daunting. It’s so scary to think about that.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to freak me out because he knows I’m so young. Loads of my friends have gotten married recently, but it’s just not something I’m into.”

The model also admitted that she’s not the most maternal of women: “I don’t really like kids to be honest. I haven’t really thought about whether I’d like to have any.

She's not ready for that just yet
She’s not ready for kids with Bressie just yet |Instagram

“Loads of people say you’ll get to an age where you’ll want them, and I hope that happens.”

Elsewhere, Roz revealed things moved quite quickly for the pair at the start of their relationship. Bressie went over to her house one day, and hasn’t left since!

The model opens up about her relationship. Pic: Lili Forberg
The model opens up about her relationship. Pic: Lili Forberg

“Neither of us know when we started going out – we’re the most unromantic people ever. I’d say it’s probably three and a half years, maybe four this summer.

“We’ve always lived together; that’s how we started going out. Serious, he came over and never left. People think i’m joking, but I’m serious.”

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She added: “He came over and never went home. He thought, great location; she cooks… great!”

Check out the full interview in this month’s STELLAR Magazine – out now!

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