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‘New year, new me’ we all uttered as soon as the clock struck midnight on December 31. But, as we enter March, many of us may have slipped up with our newfound sugar-free, gluten-free, joy-free diets, and our membership to that ridiculously overpriced gym is not being used quite as often.

It’s easy to go back to old habits, but do you know what? There’s no shame in getting a little bit of help when it comes to getting the body you want, especially if you find weight loss particularly difficult to achieve.

So when we were invited to Newpark Orthodontic & Dental Clinic in Blackrock to try their Lipofirm Pro treatment we were intrigued and headed along not quite knowing what to expect.

Upon arrival we chatted to our lovely therapist Siobhan who talked us through the treatment and we decided to focus on the stomach area.

Siobhan explained that Lipofirm Pro is a revolutionary treatment that achieves spot fat reduction and skin tightening. “This is ideal for an individual looking for last minute belly flattening or to aid in their weight loss journey by tightening the extra skin or simply as an extra aid in their diet and exercise routine. You may even lose centimeters off your waistline in the first session,” we were told.

Basically, it works by “squeezing” the fat out of the fat cell by ultrasonic therapy, working concurrently on the dermis (outside), hypodermis (fat), and muscle layers. This process promises to deliver superior skin contouring, circumference reduction, and muscle sculpting and toning.

Results from one client in Newton
Results from one client in Newpark Orthodontic & Dental Clinic

During the treatment, which lasts up to 30 minutes, Siobhan warned us that we could experience some discomfort, but you just feel a mere pinching sensation, which is totally bearable.

As we finished up after roughly 25 minutes, we checked the stomach area with measuring tape, which had been measured before the treatment – and we had already lost an inch. The whole area of skin felt much tighter too – almost as if it had had a face lift!

It takes up to eight sessions to see a real difference, Siobhan informed us, but after just one visit, we were impressed. Visit Newpark Orthodontic & Dental Clinic for prices and more info here.


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