Red Rock’s Chris Newman opens up about the difficulties of the acting world

The acting biz is tough.

The success of Red Rock hasn't helped him gain more roles
The success of Red Rock hasn’t helped him gain more roles

Red Rock actor Chris Newman has opened up about the difficult search for work as an actor.

Although the TV3 soap has been extremely successful in Ireland and in the UK, Chris admits that the show’s popularity hasn’t helped his search for further work.

Chris commands the screen as Detective Rory Walsh in Red Rock, but off air he describes himself as a “regular out of work actor.”

Speaking to The Herald he said, “It’s a lifestyle I’m well used to at this point. We’ve got a killer schedule when shooting, 7am to 7pm, so it’s nice to get away from work for awhile … but I’m still doing auditions every other week.

“Like everyone else, I’m always excited and scared when I hear the phone ring for the call back.”

The actor is
The actor is happy with the show’s success

The 28-year-old said that he’s delighted with how well received the show has been in the UK, and that it has instilled a lot of confidence in his acting abilities.

“The show has been going down great both here and in the UK, and lately we’ve been hearing nothing but positive stuff, it’s nice to know you’re getting the recognition… it is a great boost and really keeps you going and working hard.

“This is first time I’ve really been able to act every day and it’s given me a lot of confidence,” he said.

Chris is willing to travel for a role
Chris is willing to travel for a role

When asked if he would consider moving abroad for his skill, Chris admitted that he would go wherever a role would take him.

“There are lots of great things happening here but, of course, as an actor I go wherever the work is,” he said.

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