Rachel Stevens is slammed for leaving kids in car while she went shopping

The Voice of Ireland mentor has come under fire

Rachel has attracted controversy
Rachel has attracted controversy

Rachel Stevens, of S Club 7 and Voice of Ireland fame, has been criticised after photos emerged of her leaving her children in her car while she went shopping.

The popstar was snapped by photographers having locked her two daughters Amelie (4) and 18-month-year-old Minnie in her car after parking in North London and going to the shops for ten minutes.

According to the Mirror, onlookers were shocked. “At first I didn’t realise they were in the car on their own or how young one of them was but when I did it was quite shocking,” a source said.

“I suppose I think about the worst-case scenario but what if they took off the handbrake or managed to get out of the car? Or if someone managed to get in?”

Voice of Ireland judges Bressie, Rachel Stevens, Una Foden and Kian Egan
Rachel with her Voice of Ireland co-stars

Rachel has received plenty of heat after the pics were published, with Parenting author Tanith Carey claiming older sister Amelie would have felt too much responsibility to mind her baby sister.

“Ten minutes – the time ­witnesses say Rachel was away – may feel like the blink of an eye to a grown-up but to child of Amelie’s age, it would have felt much longer.”

Busy mum Rachel
Busy mum Rachel

However, tv nanny Jo Frost had a more understanding tone. “I’m sure MsRachelStevens is now aware that her parenting choice was not a smart one but ..truly so fed up with celebs being publicly shamed,” she Tweeted.

“It’s the tone of this public parenting police I don’t like, Stones and glass houses. Lets teach, love and educate.”

Rachel, 37, is an ambassador for charity Caudwell Children. She has yet to comment on the controversy.


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