PJ Kirby: “Everyone is trying to figure it out, you might as well give it a go”

PJ Kirby

PJ Kirby has garnered a loyal following with his friend Kevin Twomey on their podcast, I’m Grand, Mam.

And the lads are a lot more than grand.

This year, PJ is stepping into the style stakes as he is nominated for his first Platinum VIP Style Award.

“I’m representing Cork, so everyone from Cork needs to vote for me,” he tells us at the launch with his signature grin.

PJ Kirby Pic: Brian McEvoy

And after a chat with him it’s easy to be swayed to vote for the charismatic Cork fella.

Sure he can’t let the side down now after his “close friend” Cillian Murphy walked away with an Academy Award this month.

“Let’s keep it going,” he laughs.

“Don’t worry I’ve already started a smear campaign against the other people in my category. I’ll be spreading rumours and lies about them. You have to play dirty to get ahead in the fashion game.”

PJ Kirby Pic: Brian McEvoy

He’s obviously joking, we couldn’t imagine PJ saying a bad word about anyone.

He teases his upcoming tour which will see himself and Kevin take their podcast on the road in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and, of course, Cork.

So how is he finding becoming a podcaster, an author and a social media sensation?

“Oh it’s grand, I’m very go with the flow, ya know!” he says with a laxidasical smile. And going with the flow has certainly paid off.

PJ Kirby

I’m Grand, Mam has 50,000 weekly listeners, he and Kevin released the I’m Grand Mamual last year and he has 34.3K Instagram followers. So when they launched the podcast in 2019 could they have imagined any of this happening?

“We didn’t have a clue but every time a new opportunity comes up you just take it on and see how you get on. Everyone is just trying to figure it out the whole time, so you might as well give it a go.”

Don’t forget to cast your votes in this year’s Platinum VIP Style Awards here.


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