Paul Mescal’s mother Dearbhla shares hopeful update on cancer diagnosis


Paul Mescal’s mother Dearbhla took to Instagram to remark on the last year after being diagnosed with cancer.

Dearbhla was diagnosed last July with multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer that can affect the spine, skull, pelvis and ribs.

She explained that “cancer is 2nd place” in her life, especially when it comes to her children who “keep it real”.

“It sits at the table it is quiet & has no voice. Feeling connected really helps on the hard days,” she explained.

“365 days of trusting, investing, in dreaming, in believing, loving, losing, in being angry, sad, upset, in being afraid, in holding steady & being fully committed. I have found strength & calm,” she wrote on social media.

“Its been a year of full circle moments. People have entered my life – my arena- & left by choice. I have been grateful for their love, friendship & memories. This is truth, people are not with you forever, they are with you for the time needed for both of you to learn, love & grow. I have been blessed with the briefest of friendships & the longest.

“Cancer by its very nature, scares. It scares me, it still scares me but I am more educated. I listen to my medical team, they listen & hear me. I do the tests, I take my tablets & I live.”

However, she explained that she is able to “live fully”.


“Of course I have days of concern, of what ifs & then I remember I am human & move on! My kids help me keep it real. I am still mum. Cancer is 2nd place & although it sits at the table it is quiet & has no voice.

“Feeling connected really helps on the hard days. I am lucky those hard days are few & far between. I work hard at staying positive, part of that is accepting this new guest. I don’t want to hide from it but my life is too important not to be actually lived.

“My joy seeking keeps me feeling blessed. Everyday my eyes are constantly seeking a magic moment to add to my treasure trove of joys. I never in my wildest dreams believed that my 28 days of finding joys; which I started so many years ago would become a way of life & that way of life would help me through this past 365 days.


She went on to say: “I was gifted this past year & as naff as that sounds I mean every word. Every life lesson I experienced brought me to a new way of thinking, feeling & being. Am I a better person? I am not sure but I most definitely want to be. Cancer is my silent partner, it will not define me but it has placed me at this navigation point on a map, with way points of blood tests & drugs.

“My compass is my soul & I will trust in its essence to guide me to be the very best version of me, here on this planet, we call home. My cup runneth over for the love extended to me & mine throughout the past year. You are all held gently in my heart.”

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