Oliver Callan kicks off radio show with a bang

Oliver Callan Pic: RTÉ

Oliver Callan is RTÉ Radio 1’s latest host.

After stepping in to replace Ryan Tubridy over the last few months, he certainly made an impression as he has now gotten the morning show slot full-time.

His first radio show aired on January 29th at 9am.

Yes, the show entitled Oliver Callan debuted on Monday morning and the comedian was quick to see the humour in all the rather dreary news surrounding his new job!

“I suppose I’m not standing in for someone for once, although that feeling will probably never go away,” he began his radio show.

“We’ll accept all your nice messages, your cranky ones, even maybe the snippy ones. We’ll find a place for those yet, we’ll figure it out, because the paint is still wet on the shop front. It’s still bring your spare underpants to work time for a fair while.

“It’s lovely to be here and not partially here like I have been for a while. I got lots of well wishes and good luck from about the place. Some lovely handwritten cards, hand-painted cards and messages from the presenters’ Illuminati group in here, welcoming and or commiserating.”

He went on to joke about his decision to join the national broadcaster after the payment scandal.

Pic: VIP Ireland

“Why wouldn’t I join RTÉ? We seem to be going through something of a Golden Age right now. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this soaring rocket, replete with optimism and high in public favour, with bits of the ceiling falling in here and there and more internal investigation than a crypto start-up.”

He went on to joke that he hadn’t “seen a single rat yet” and that he wouldn’t be “fully fledged proper inmate” until then.

After his good-spirit joking, he wondered: “Am I allowed to make comments like that anymore? We’ll find out as we go.”

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