Now that’s dedication! Chris O’Dowd reveals decade-long prank he plans to play on baby Art

The hilarious actor has decided to only let his three-month-old in on the joke when he's a teen

Chris on the Conan Show recently
Chris on the Conan Show recently

Chris O’Dowd has revealed the hilarious, long-term prank that he’s planning on his three-month-old son Art – just don’t tell his wife Dawn O’Porter!

During his appearance on the Conan O’Brien show, the funnyman told the American host that the plan will only come into fruition when his son Art hits his teens.

The Bridesmaids star explained: “I’ll bring him to the park in the morning and sometimes there’ll be a family hanging out, having a picnic, and sometimes I give him to the family and take a picture.”

Chris then informed a bemused Conan that the plan, which he had not told wife Dawn about prior to the tv appearance, is to get the snaps developed and hide them behind real photographs in their family home.

“When he’s around 14 or 15 he’ll say, ‘I need a frame.’ and I’ll say, ‘Well why don’t you get one of the ones upstairs.  And he’ll pull out the photo and he’ll think he belongs to another family!” Chris told the laughing audience.

Chris o dowd on conan show
Chris tells a bemused Conan about his pranking plans!

He added: “And he’ll come downstairs and ask ‘who are these people’ and I’ll be like…”Where did you find that!?,” before Conan exclaimed: “You’re a genius!”

We’re not entirely sure whether it’s a genuine plan or if he’s only teasing, but either way, we’re pretty sure Chris is one of our favourite funny Irish men ever.

Watch the whole video here!


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