Moone Boy star David Rawle says he’d turn down a movie for his Junior Cert

Sensible beyond his years, eh?

What a wise young teen! |VIP Ireland
What a wise young teen! |VIP Ireland

Most 14-year-olds would jump at the chance to star in a movie – but for Moone Boy actor David Rawle, education comes first.

Proving he’s got a seriously wise head on his young shoulders, the Sky One star says if a film for the hit show, co-starring Chris O’Dowd, was to come about, he’d turn it down to concentrate on his Junior Cert.

David, who plays Martin Moone in O’Dowd’s award winning creation, insisted he’s far too busy with his studies to star in a feature length flick.

“I’d say if anything was going to happen it would be next year, but I’m in third year now so it’s busy.”

Moone Boy actors David Rawle and Ian O'Reilly |VIP Ireland
Moone Boy actors David Rawle and Ian O’Reilly |VIP Ireland

“If it did start filming then, I’d say, ‘Sorry, I’m a bit busy at the minute Chris’. Junior Cert comes first – I have to do it,” he said.

“It’s all a little up in the air at the minute if there’s going to be something else.”

The young actor also opened up about how he still hasn’t gotten used to fans spotting him out and about. “Sometimes you get recognised, but it depends where you are,” he told the Herald.

David and Chris O'Dowd
David and Chris O’Dowd

“Usually you do in the cinema. When you come out blinking your eyes, people kind of look at you like, ‘Wait a minute, I know you’.

“It’s a bit creepy – you don’t get used to it but you get less scared of it.”


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