Niamh Algar shares her delight to be back in Ireland

Niamh Algar Pic: Netflix

Niamh Algar jetted back into Ireland this week for the premiere of her upcoming film The Wonder, which stars Academy Award-nominated actor Florence Pugh.

VIP Magazine got to chat with her on the red carpet at the Light House Cinema before she popped in to watch the Netflix film.

She revealed what she misses most about Ireland, how she got her big break in the industry and what it was like working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The cast of The Wonder Pic: Netflix

Hi Niamh, welcome home!

I’m so, so happy to be back. I haven’t been home in a really long time. Me and my boyfriend are here and taking in a bit of Ireland and the sites.

What have you been missing the most about Ireland?

I miss the people the most. Oh and the pints of Guinness. I tell you it doesn’t travel! The food and the people, the fact that nobody takes themselves too seriously. They take their work seriously, but not themselves.

You look stunning. Who are you wearing?

Versace! All Versace!

Congratulations on the movie, what was it like working on The Wonder?

Every set is completely different. This one is a period drama, I’ve never attempted a period drama before. I was wearing a corset which was an experience within itself. It had laces on it, you had to tighten it every time. You have to constantly eat soup! Organs move, I didn’t know that was possible but they do! You have six petticoats and you have hoosh everything up. That all helps you get into character. You walk differently, and you stand differently.

Niamh Algar Pic: Netflix

You have a real passion for cinema, was working as an actor always your dream?

My very first job, I worked in crew when I was in my late teens. I was a trainee production designer and the third AD at the time, Johnny Shaw, asked me if I wanted to come in the next day to be in a scene because he knew I was aspiring to do acting. I said, yes as long as I get paid. I was playing this nun in a scene and that helped me pay for drama school. I’m incredibly grateful for Johnny because then he cast me in a short that helped me to get a feature film. It was a beautiful full-circle moment.

How proud do you feel about Netflix making an Irish story with a predominantly Irish cast?

I take so much pride in telling Irish stories, especially ones we don’t know about. I didn’t know anything about the fasting girls. It’s really beautiful that Netflix has taken this story and they’re really backing it. We’ve got Emma Donoghue who is responsible for Room. She is an incredible author and I loved working with her, it was so nice to work with an author who is delighted to have you on board. It fills you with such confidence.

You got to work with Florence Pugh, did you act as her tour guide while she was in Ireland?

That was the thing, I lived here for 10 years after I finished secondary school but then I moved to London for six years. When I came back I didn’t recognise anything. I turned into my dad trying to figure out where everything is. Every second building is a hotel. But we still have the people and it still has the same beautiful energy that Dublin has. We can’t get better than this. It feels like a warm hug.

The Wonder drops on Netflix on November 4

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