Michael Flatley comes to the aid of lost Irish girl in New York

She was delighted!

Michael was happy to stop and chat with Clodagh
Michael was happy to stop and chat with Clodagh

Cork native Clodagh Archer’s day was made when she randomly bumped into, what she called, ‘a great Irish legend’ in New York this weekend.

The Irish lass found herself in a bit of bother when she got lost in New York, but during her struggle, managed to bump into none other than Michael Flatley.

Speaking to Joe.ie, Clodagh said, “Was down in NY visiting friends, had my head deep in Google maps. To be honest, was a bit lost.

“Was walking down Broadway when I came to a group of people all shouting and looked up and there was the Lord of the Dance himself, Michael.

He made her day
He made her day

“He was being ushered into the building, and I shouted, ‘Michael, I’m from Cork.’”

Of course not wanting to miss an opportunity to catch up with a fellow Irish, Michael headed straight over to Clodagh, despite being told to go back inside.

He was happy to chat away, making the lost Irish lass feel a bit more at ease, and even went as far as to offer her some exclusive tickets to his show.

“He came over, gave me a hug and asked me had I got to see the show yet,” she said.

That was a nice gift!
He offered her a lovely gift 

Clodagh continued, “I said no and he offered me two free tickets, and said if I wanted to come back stage after, he would only love for me to meet everyone.”

This isn’t the first time Flatley has bumped into a Cork woman in New York, as just a few months ago he met Tara Copplestone and a couple of her friends while out jogging in Central Park.

Again, being a total legend, stopped and talked to the women before offering them tickets to his Lord of the Dance show.

Could he be any nicer?!

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