Meet your Ireland’s Fittest Family winners!

Pic: RTÉ

After weeks of intense competition, Ireland’s Fittest Family came to an end on Sunday night.

And we’re exhausted just thinking about it all!

The Stratford family from County Cavan, the Byrnes family from Tipperary, the Bonnar family from Waterford, and the Murphy family from Carlow all went head to head.

But only one of them could be named Ireland’s Fittest Family!

Pic: RTÉ

It was the Stratfords who were victorious at the end of the episode to the delight of the family and viewers at home!

For years, the family harboured a belief that the family could excel in the competition, and with some persuasion, one of the Stratford boys, Daniel, convinced some of the family to join the team of four.

Their journey, as the family puts it, was that itch we had to scratch. Well, not only did they scratch that itch, they absolutely smashed it to become Ireland’s Fittest Family!

Reflecting on their victory, Yvonne, the mother of the family said: “For the last few years, Daniel was confident that we’d be OK at the events, and he eventually bullied us all into applying (except Craig, our eldest, who couldn’t join the team of four).

Pic: RTÉ

“Fair play to Daniel, because it’s been a fantastic experience, we’ve loved every minute, the challenges we faced, the friends we met, competing as a family, the excitement of the events, the experience of making a TV Production, and of course being coached by Donncha (“don’t be soft, Patrick!”).

“He’s multi-talented, one of Ireland’s top rugby players ever, a great coach, and a serious messer! We just clicked with Donncha from the start, he asked us for our ideas and tactics, we discussed them, and then he completely changed them (but it worked!).”

Of course, proud coach Donncha O’Callaghan was delighted by the win!

“Winning is amazing and I’m so thrilled for the Stratfords! The greatest part in any sports is doing something remarkable with people that care about each other,” the 2FM host gushed.

Pic: RTÉ

“Ireland’s Fittest Family shows more than physical fitness. No amount of strength, endurance or power can compete with the ultimate bond of a family that will go beyond limits for each other.”

If you missed out on Ireland’s FIttest Family, you can catch up on the RTÉ Player.

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