“You say goodbye twice”: Martin King discusses watching his mother live with dementia

Jenny McCarthy and Martin King

Martin King has discussed the final years of his mother, Christina’s life.

Christina passed away in 2019 after being diagnosed with dementia.

The Ireland AM host has admitted that due to her illness, he had to say “goodbye twice” to her.

Martin has been working to raise awareness about the disease and admits that he thinks it is becoming more prevalent as we are living longer.

Martin King Pic: Brian McEvoy

Speaking to The Sun he said: “We don’t know how long she had it because when she’s opening presses and saying the cutlery is in here when it’s really the crockery you just pass it off at first, you let the mistakes go, so it’s hard to know when the symptoms first really start.”

“But it was horrible to see her in later years, horrible for everyone.

“You really say goodbye to a person twice, that’s when they first get diagnosed and then when they pass.”

He previously made a documentary about dementia and Alzheimer’s, at the time he told VIP Magazine: “We wanted to acknowledge for people that yes, the end result is not going to be a good result, but there is a lot of living to be done from the diagnosis. That is was what we wanted to convey.

martin king, jenny mccarthy
Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

“I suggested this documentary a short time after my mother passed away. The idea stemmed from the fact that Ireland is an ageing nation and Dementia numbers are constantly rising.”

He added: “More and more of us are going to know someone within our immediate family group or extended family who has Alzeimhers or Dementia. I just thought it would be a good idea to explore it.”

When VIP sat down with Martin King, it was is mother, Christina’s second anniversary: “I have actually found this year much tougher than the first year. I think in a way you tend to prepare yourself for the first anniversary, you know it’s coming, it arrives, and you’re right back to that day again.

“But you are getting set for its arrival… there’s some sort of preparation to brace yourself. Whereas in year two, it’s different, it’s quieter, nobody is making a big deal for it. It’s hard.”

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