Marc O’Neil gets seriously mean in his FIRST interview since Big Brother!

Marc dishes all about the "idiots" who starred alongside him in Tallafornia.

Marc O’Neill is moving onwards and upwards and doesn’t want to be known as “yer man off Tallafornia” anymore.

The 29-year-old revealed to Martin King and Lucy Kennedy that he needed to “redeem” himself after his stint on the show in 2013.

Marc is causing trouble in the house
Marc is causing trouble even outside the house.


“In a way, this may sound bad, Tallafornia…cringe! I couldn’t watch a whole episode myself without cringing so I wanted to, in a way, redeem myself”.

It was the first time the tv star had spoken in public since his eviction from the Big Brother house and he didn’t have much nice things to say about the”idiots” who starred alongside him in the Irish programme.

Speaking on the 7 O’Clock Show he said: “I wanted people to not remember me as ‘yer man off Tallafornia’ like the rest of them idiots! I didn’t want to be part of that; I want to be known for me”.

Marc & Tallafornia co-star Phil Penny


He was particularly nasty towards Phil Penny who was one of his Tallfornia counterparts, laughing at him for never making into Big Brother himself.

He was all over the papers saying ‘I made Big Brother’…Phil, you don’t even have a bus pass, go away!”

Marc is up for eviction!
Marc coming up with evil plots, no doubt, in Big Brother

When it came to the people who were in the Big Brother house with him, the controversial reality star wasn’t much nicer.

Speaking about Brian Belo and about the accusations that Marc forced him to jump over a wall, he was quick to call his former housemate a liar.

“You know when someone lies about you an awful lot and every time I caught him out for lying he couldn’t come up with a reason why he was lying”, he said.

Big brother 'legend' Brian Belo
Big brother ‘legend’ Brian Belo

Adding “And then I splashed him with water, a grown man jumped over the wall because I splashed him with water? That’s what he told the diary room, that’s what he told everyone else and they all got so offended.”

It seems that his stints on television shows are far from over and Marc eluded to having something else close on the horizon.

“I have my eye on something else, I can’t really say,” he said.

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