Love/Hate is NOT returning for a sixth series, contrary to reports

The rumours aren't true unfortunately - sigh!

Fans of Love/Hate were thrilled to hear the show would be returning for a sixth season this morning, but VIP can confirm that the reports aren’t true.

The rumour mill has been running wild after it was reported by The Irish Mirror that a new series is in the pipeline, which would focus on Traveller pipe-bomb maker Patrick and his background, bringing a new dimension to the award winning drama.

A source even said that locations and talent had already been found. “While scenes are not yet being filmed, locations and new talent are being scouted for Love/Hate’s big comeback,” they claimed.

Love/Hate is set to return to our screens
Love/Hate rumours denied

But clearing up the rumours today was our sister magazine TV Now, who reached out to RTE for a comment.

The spokesperson said it was “wishful thinking” that a new season is in development, and stated: “There are no plans to bring back Love/Hate at this time.”

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Nidge was shot in the season five finale


We’re not sure to be relieved or disappointed with this news – on the one hand, the Dublin gangland drama wrapped up perfectly with crime boss Nidge’s untimely demise, but at the same time we really miss tuning in to one of RTE’s best ever shows.

However, cast members from Love/Hate will undoubtably be glad to hear the show won’t be making its return, as they previously admitted they didn’t feel like the story should continue.

Actor Laurence Kinlan, who played the ill-fated Elmo, said: “For selfish reasons, I’d say yeah, I’d love to see it come back but I don’t think it will and I don’t think it should because we’ve had a year off now and a lot of the big characters have been killed off and I think if they went again they’d have to reintroduce a lot of characters.”

Laurence says it's best not to return
Laurence says it’s best not to return

And at the VIP Style Awards earlier this year, Aoibhinn McGinnity, who plays Nidge’s wife Trish, said she wasn’t sure it would make sense to return.

“I don’t know if I’d like it to, to be honest,” she told our sister mag STELLAR Magazine. “If it was to come back, it’d need to be done very, very well. If it doesn’t, it’ll be for the right reasons. And y’know, if it does come back, it’ll be for the right reasons too – I’ve no doubt that it will be done very well.”

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