Kian Egan reveals how his son discovered Westlife’s fame through Harry Styles


Westlife are undoubtedly one of the biggest bands, with millions of fans. But for Kian Egan’s kids this came as a massive shock.

The Sligo native revealed that his children have yet to grasp just how successful the group is, but his eldest son Koa is beginning to see how popular Westlife and his father are.

Opening to the Sunday World, Kian explained how Koa is discovering his own love of music, being a big fan of Billie Eilish and Harry Styles, with Harry recent gig in the Aviva stadium showing him how famous his dad really is.

Explaining; “The other week he was looking at a Harry Styles concert online and he said, ‘Daddy, is this the type of concerts you do?’ I said, ‘Yeah, buddy, that’s pretty much it.’ He said, ‘Really, that big?’ I said, ‘Yeah, that concert you’re looking at there, that’s where we’re playing in two weeks.’ He was like, ‘What!’”


Confessing that Westlife’s gig there next week will be a big shock for the 10-year-old.

Saying; “His brain is slowly processing it and I think next weekend is going to be quite a mind boggle for him in a weird way. It’ll be like, ‘Hold on a second, this is much more than I thought it was!”

“Up to this point he’s not paid attention to the whole Westlife thing, although he’s always fascinated when somebody asks me for a photograph. They all are, my youngest fella, Cobi, is very funny, he gets into the photo.”

“Then they’d be full of questions and you’re trying to explain Westlife to them. They don’t comprehend it, so it will be an interesting summer for them.”

Kian Egan, Jodi Albert
Pic: Jodi Albert/Instagram

Opening up about he and wife Jodi’s parenting style, Kian revealed that the try to keep things as normal as possible.

“We’re the type of parents that are constantly saying, ‘Look, you are very privileged. The reason why is because Daddy’s job is quite a unique scenario and you need to understand that not all children live a life like you.'”

“They go to the local school and it’s hugely important that they have a normal upbringing. Our home life is pretty full on, there’s basketball, skateboarding, piano, guitar, singing and surfing.” he said.


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