Kerri-Nicole Blanc speaks outs about the restrictions surrounding baby formula

Kerri-Nicole Blanc

Model Kerri-Nicole Blanc has taken to social media, highlighting the restrictions to formula-feeding that exist in Ireland.

The Dubliner welcomed her second daughter, Klara-Lillie, in July and has kept followers updated on life with a newborn. While there are plenty of highs and adorable moments, there are also challenges, which Kerri hasn’t shied away from showing. Most recently, the model took to Instagram to inform followers about the restrictions that exist for baby formula in Ireland.

While Kerri was breastfeeding baby Klara for a number of weeks, it became increasingly difficult, and so she decided to try formula, and was shocked to discover the challenges involved with obtaining baby formula.

As she wrote: “Not one to normally have a rant-but for the last 6 weeks I have spent every 2-3 hours, every day and night expressing breast milk to a preterm baby, now at 6 weeks old her demand is greater than my supply, so I devastatingly went to the super market to purchase formula to top up my breast milk tonight.”

Kerri-Nicole Blanc

Continuing: “I had a voucher off groceries, which I was told cannot be purchased off baby formula.”

“The list is.. Alcohol, tobacco & baby formula.”

Kerri explained that “this isn’t about the voucher, but the sheer ignorance that milk formula is even in the same category as alcohol, as if that’s a treat for mummy!”

The influencer also shared the reason for this rule, claiming it is to encourage breastfeeding. Writing under the statement: “Thanks for making all of us who have tried our best feel even sh*ttier!”

Kerri-Nicole Blanc

Followers were quick to agree with Kerri.

The model even shared a message from one concerned fan, reading: “It’s insane!!! I think about all the families struggling financially and not able to use the vouchers to feed their baby.”

Finally, the mum-of-two shared a quote, saying: “whether you bottle feed, pump, breastfeed, or all of the above, you are doing great mama. Fed is best.”



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