Katja Mia discusses how trolling is “nothing new” for her

Pic: Instagram/Katja Mia

Katja Mia, unfortunately, is no stranger to trolls.

However, things came to a head when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars when she was harassed by body-shaming trolls.

This led to her deciding to share these messages with her followers and hit back at the nasty trolls.

One message read: “God help the poor professional dance you’ve been partnered with as not a chance he could possibly lift you above ground level with the size of your thighs and body. Poor guy pulled the last straw.”

Pic: Virgin Media

At the time Katja hit back by writing: “Body shaming is sooooo 2010, I thought we were done with this sh*t.”

She then mentioned how she feels that some women still feel “uncomfortable” and “bothered” by curvy women.

“Just shows how there is not even enough visibility of naturally curvy women on our television screen,” Katja added.

“Women like Marie are still so uncomfortable and bothered by it, like get a grip!

Katja Mia Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I’m not the regular body type but I still look hot.”

Speaking to the RTÉ Guide she admitted: “‘I mean, I get trolling on TikTok, I get trolling on Instagram. It’s nothing new. But I think at that particular moment, I was quite sensitive because we were at the height of the show.”

She explained how trolls were “nothing new” to her but it just affected her at that time.

“Everyone is working so hard. You’re being tested. You don’t have much time to see family and friends. When you’re tired and then something you might scroll across in the comments might just get to you that day.

Katja Mia

“That week I was definitely extra sensitive, but trolling is something that I think a lot of people in the media will get on a weekly basis. I think when you’re doing well in your life, there’s always going to be people that want to bring you down.”

She went on to say: “They’re not happy. They might not know your story so they just want to look for any way to bring you down because they think you’re up on a high horse, but of course, you’re not.”

Well Katja definitely has had the last laugh against these trolls.

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