Kathryn Thomas on having a baby in her forties; “I didn’t feel any more nervous at 42 than I did at 39”

Kathryn Thomas
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

RTÉ star Kathryn Thomas and her husband Padraig McLoughlin are expecting their second child together, a sibling to their three-year-old daughter Ellie.

Now, Kathryn has revealed why she isn’t nervous to have her second baby at 42. Speaking on her Instagram Stories to answer a series of questions from her followers, the Operation Transformation presenter opened up more about her pregnancy.

Sharing that she has no more concerns this time around than she did in her first pregnancy, she shared: “I didn’t feel any more nervous at 42 than I did at 39, the first time round.

“I thought my body was fit enough, my mind was ready and the same with Padraig as well.”

Kathryn Thomas
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Although she went on to share advice for women who may be feeling anxious or nervous about their own situation. “I think it’s a big decision for people as the years go on, and it’s not working out for couples when they’re trying to have a family.”

“Every couple is different, every woman is different and I think it’s really important to tune into how your own body is feeling.

“Also, ask the medical professionals if you have something that’s worrying you, or if you’re worried about your age, ask what are the consequences at 40 or 42 or 45.”

“There’s lots of different tests that can be done to put your mind at ease if you do fall pregnant in terms of the health of the baby. Ask the right questions, no question is a silly question.”

Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Continuing, Kathryn went on to share the main differences she experienced between her two pregnancies.

“I was sick, like morning sickness and all that for the first five to six weeks on this pregnancy, which I never had on her, so that was the big difference.

“But, apart from that I’ve been good and feeling healthy, definitely more pelvic pain this time round, and I’m much slower in terms of I feel heavier.

“I’m having to slow down a lot sooner than I did in the last pregnancy. So, I’m just listening to my body and doing that.”

Recently, Kathryn also opened up about her pregnancy journey with VIP, sharing: “For us to have this opportunity to have a second child we do not take that lightly at all. But I’m definitely more relaxed this time than last time. Like anything, once you have done something you kind of know what to expect.

“Last time I was very much rabbit in headlights. I was so anxious and as the weeks passed by it felt like so momentous considering all we had gone through. This is by no means any less momentous, but I just feel more secure.”

Read Kathryn’s full interview here.


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