Kathryn Thomas opens up about dealing with online hate

She is an expert now


Kathryn Thomas has opened up about the difficulties associated with being in the public eye.

The Operation Transformation host has been on our screens for over ten years, and has revealed that the pressure can sometimes get to her.

“I’ve read really, really lovely things about myself, but I’ve also read really, really nasty things,” she told The Irish Daily Star’s Chic magazine.

I’ve been on TV since I was 19, I was running around on No Frontiers with no hair and make-up, in fact a lot of the time it was no shower too, I was just making do out of my backpack.

“I didn’t have the pressure of people judging me on social media and I sometimes wonder now if I was starting out, would I have the career I have now that I did then?

“People are much more judgemental now and it never stops. Would I have let that bypass me, or would I have let it get to me?”


She's excited to get involved again!
She’s excited to get involved again!

“Now I’m at an age where I really don’t give a s**t what people say about me, especially when they’re making nasty remarks about my appearance.

“If people want to criticise how I do my job, I’ll take that on board. But writing anything about my appearance that’s just keyboard warriors and I honestly don’t care what they think – I’m too old,” she said.

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