Jackie Smith Foden shares why husband Ben would never cheat on her like he did with Una Healy; “I could go through his Instagram right now if I wanted to”

Ben Foden
Pic: Ben Foden/Instagram

Jackie Smith Foden has opened up about why her husband, Ben Foden would never cheat on her the way he did previously with his ex-wife. The American entrepreneur spoke about their relationship in a new interview with The Sun where she spoke about his previous infidelity when he was married to Saturday’s star, Una Healy.

Despite this, Jackie shared that she is confident this is not something that would happen to them in their marriage; “People perceive Ben as some slimy, habitual cheater and it’s really not who he is. I don’t think Ben could possibly cheat on me.

“Everyone’s like, ‘He cheated on this beautiful, famous pop star — of course he could cheat on you’. But that’s just not the dynamic we have.”

Ben Foden
Pic: Ben Foden/Instagram

The couple wed after a whirlwind romance back in 2019 after two weeks of dating, and just two days after Ben’s divorce was finalised with Una, with whom he shares two children, Aoife and Tadhg. Their relationship came to an end after Ben admitted to cheating on Una just a few days after their son was born.

Since then, Jackie and Ben have gone on to have a child together, a girl called Farrah who was born in 2020 and have opened up about their plans to have more.

Illustrating how much they trust each other, Jackie shared; “We have our passwords saved in each other’s phones, we use each other’s laptops, we track each other on Find My Friends. I could go through his Instagram right now if I wanted to.”

“We have a very honest and open relationship. We don’t lead separate lives. It’s frustrating that Ben’s cheating is brought up constantly.”

Continuing she added; “I trust him completely. If, one day, we fall out of love, we will be able to talk to each other and end it cleanly. He won’t give me any excuse to trash his reputation and I won’t feel scorned by him.”

In the interview Ben also shared how he never intended to marry again so soon after his split from Una. He said; “I never thought I’d get married again that quickly. I’d just been through a stressful break-up. I have kids, they were my main priority.”

“Jackie sort of crept up on me! I knew she was The One pretty quickly. Yes, she’s a very good-looking girl with sex appeal but it’s more than that. Whenever you walk into a room, everyone’s excited about her being there.”

Continuing he added; “She’s good vibes. I like to think of myself like that, that I go into a room and bring energy and happiness rather than sapping it away. We’re just very much in love. It gets tougher when you have kids involved, we’re tired, but we have a healthy sex life, nothing too crazy.”

Finally Jackie also spoke about how she has been perceived in the press since marrying Ben. In particular she spoke about how she gets lots of hate from online trolls; “Any time I post a photo, I’m compared to Una. I get told, ‘Your husband’s going to cheat on you, it’s only a matter of time’.”

“It’s really sad. He messed up once. Una and he were not meant to be together. I get that I’m not as pretty or as famous as Una, but we’re really happy.”

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