It was WHO? Fans react to last night’s Fair City revelation

Finally, we know who kidnapped Katy.

SPOILER ALERT! It was Ciaran!
SPOILER ALERT! It was Ciaran!


After months of speculation, Fair City viewers finally learned who kidnapped Katy O’Brian on last night’s episode. Fans were left in shock, when Ciaran Holloway was revealed as Katy’s captor.

All became clear when Ciaran questioned Emmet over whether he had heard any news on the kidnapping or not. Enraged by Ciaran’s questions, Emmett stormed out of the room.

Then, when he was alone, Ciaran took out Katy’s scarf and a tablet. He typed in  a password and suddenly video footage of Katy in the bunker appeared on the screen- and all was revealed.

He has is reasons, which will be revealed soon...
He has is reasons, which will be revealed soon…


Speaking of the storyline actor Johnny Ward, who plays Ciaran, said, “It really is a storyline that has gripped the viewers. I am truly blessed to be working with such incredible writers, directors and actors and I am honoured to be part of something so special.

“I know people will wonder why Ciaran has done this…but believe me, the guy has his reasons.”

Many viewers took to Twitter last night to express how gripped they were by the episode, which was trending in Ireland last night.


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The story continues on tonight’s Fair City. Catch it at 8pm on RTE One.

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