Irish reality star set for BBC’s The Apprentice

He's a former employee of VIP Towers

The contestants on this year's Apprentice
The contestants on this year’s Apprentice

Fade Street star, and former art director of Stellar Magazine, has just been announced as a contestant on this year’s The Apprentice.

Dillon St Paul, who worked in VIP Towers for a number of years, featured on Fade Street which was partially filmed in the office back in 2010.

Following in the footsteps of RTE’s Jennifer Zampareli who appeared on the Apprentice’s fourth series, Dillon hopes to impress.

Speaking in his audition video, Dillion says, “I think I can charm people, and charm and manipulate situations to get results. I’m quite machiavellian so sometimes batting the lashes can get you a lot in business so hence mascara can come in handy.

Dillon will do whatever he can to get ahead
Dillon will do whatever he can to get ahead

“I am famous for the truth bomb and saying it as it is. I don’t mess around and get too emotional with it. If it hurts, I’m sorry, but that’s a fact – it’s a science.

“There’s nowhere to hide with me with regards to business. If you’re going to try something scrupulous, or isn’t 100% your all, I will call you out on it.

“I would say I’m very clean, groomed, stylish – glamorous! I understand girls. All my friends are girls, all the people I work with are girls – so yeah, girl power!”

We wish him the best of luck!

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