“I want my life back” Eamonn Holmes preparing to undergo surgery to ease chronic pain


Eamonn Holmes has shared that he’s more than ready to go under the knife in a bid to ease his chronic pain.

It comes as Eamonn was diagnosed with a dislocated pelvis and three slipped discs earlier this year. Naturally, this has caused him to live in constant agony. Now, Eamonn has been given some hope as he prepared to undergo surgery, with the hope of ‘getting back his life’.

Recently, Eamonn opened up about his bout with shingles back in 2018, which seems to have created a domino effect on his health.

Explaining the surgery he’s about to undergo, he told the Express: “This week a surgeon will cut into my back to hopefully relieve pressure on my sciatic nerves. It’s an operation that carries a 20 per cent risk of going wrong, but such is the pain and restrictions that I have been suffering for the past 18 months, I’ve decided it is a risk I am willing to take.”

“In fact, it’s a risk I want to take because, at this moment in time, nothing could seem worse than the constant pain that runs through my lower back and legs.”

Now a prominent figure in the chronic pain community, Eamonn says that he chats with other people who are suffering via social media every day, and in fact he counts himself as one of the lucky ones.

“Often for those of us who suffer, night-time is the worst. Sleep can be an escape. But so often it is illusive. A couple of years ago, during one particular agonising night, I took to social media almost to try to ease my pain.”

“Often nothing helps. Often chronic pain sufferers ask for tablets for release. But often the doctors say ‘no’ because of side effects,” he added.

Now, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Eamonn, and that’s what he will focus on for now.

“I want my back fixed and my life back. I want to offer a good luck story to all of you who feel that you can no longer deal with your depression, your crying, your anger and that constant question of “why me?”.”

Wishing Eamonn a successful surgery, and a very speedy recovery!

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