Holly Carpenter posts very realistic photo of how we all look the morning after the night before!

We're feeling ya, Hols!

Holly gets real!
Holly gets real!

We all know it feels when you wake up from a big night out – like a train has hit you at full speed, to be precise.

And when you’re feeling like death, it’s no surprise that you also look like death… and it seems even top models aren’t immune to this curse.

The gorgeous Holly Carpenter stunned on Halloween when she dressed up as, um, “some sort of creature”. The former Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model star’s make up was on point, with immaculate eyeliner flicks and highlighted cheekbones.

But last night, she shared how her expertly coiffed hair and picture-perfect face fared after a night on the tiles – and it’s a sight we’re all familiar with!

Sharing a snap on Insta of her smudged liner and hilarious bed-head, we’re sure there were countless similar heads around the country on Sunday morning and we applaud Hols for her honesty.

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Captioning the snap, she wrote: “Saturday night v Sunday morning, should’ve just gone out looking like the pic on the right would’ve been far scarier #Halloween#Hobo.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve loved the beauty’s down the earth nature – in a recent photoshoot with VIP, Holly admitted that she suffers from insecurity from time to time.

Holly in her VIP shoot |Naomi Gaffey
Holly in her VIP shoot |Naomi Gaffey

The star admitted that when there are pictures in circulation of her looking great, she feels good about herself. However, when she is away from the airbrushing and good lighting, she can’t help but feel “paranoid” and worries that if she were to “meet someone in person, they are going to think, ‘Oh, she’s not that good looking in person.’”

Well, we think you look great Holly – even on the morning after the night before!

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