Holly Carpenter feels sorry for Kim Kardashian

The model doesn't think she deserves the abuse she gets online.

Holly doesn't like to see all the abuse Kim is getting
Holly doesn’t like to see all the abuse Kim is getting

Holly Carpenter has admitted she feels sorry for Kim Kardashian, especially when it comes to the abuse she gets online in regards to her latest pregnancy.

The top reality star has been accused of wearing a fake bump and secretly using a surrogate, and to put an end to the rumours posted a naked selfie of her bump.

Holly explained that she once had to wear a fake bump for a photoshoot, and feels sorry that these claims are being thrown at Kim, and that she had to go to such lengths to prove that she is actually pregnant.

Writing in her Sun on Sunday column, the Raheny native said, “Although some people have lashed out at her, telling her to put some damn clothes on and have some class, I actually feel quite sorry for her in a way. I have worn a fake bump on a maternity photoshoot (a very strange experience indeed), and there’s no way that the US paparazzi would fall for it being real. The flashes on their cameras are so strong you would definitely see it.”

Kim's bump has been the topic of conversation on everyone's lips
Kim’s bump has been the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips

Holly does sympathise with the pregnant reality star, even though she thinks the Kardashian’s are an “extremely attention seeking bunch”.

“Many people would say that the Kardashian family are an extremely attention seeking bunch, and fame hungry – which I would agree with, even though I like them.”

She continued, “I still don’t think it’s right that as a pregnant woman Kim is getting so much abuse. I’ve heard that when you’re pregnant your hormones are all over the place and you can feel quite sensitive and emotional, so this kind of nasty speculation is the last thing any expecting mum needs or deserves.”


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