Gráinne Seoige reveals why she left RTÉ’s Crimecall


Gráinne Seoige has a prestigious journalistic career, working for the likes of TG4, Sky News, and even a stint hosting RTÉ’s long running show Crimecall.

The Galway girl hosted the program from 2011-2016, and is now opening up about her departure.

Revealing her reason for leaving, Gráinne confessed she felt underappreciated for her role.

Telling the Independent: ” I loved Crimecall. I’m the daughter of a guard. I noticed for a couple of years the terms were getting worse. You see it’s very much bound into this thing of how you’re valued,”


“And I felt like the appreciation of what I did, or the value that was being put on what I brought to the table, there was less of a return coming every year the contract came up for renewal. And it came to a point where I went, ‘OK now, I’m not willing to do this job for that’.”

But the jewellery designer has no regrets about leaving, stressing the importance of knowing ones value. Saying: “For your own self-respect, there comes a point where you have to go, ‘no, I’m not doing it for that. And, the fact that you’re offering it, hmm, not nice.’ I don’t see myself how you’re saying that you see me. Because what you get paid for a job is the value that’s put on your work. So I said no.

“And it was the right thing to do. I felt great after I did it. Because if you continue to accept less and less and less for what you do, it’s not a good place, it’s not a good feeling to have.”


But even after leaving Crimecall, the TV personality continued to enjoy a successful career.

Most recently Gráinne returned to our TV screens as the face of a brand new documentary.

She will be led the charge to introduce a menopause policy in Ireland. Kicking things off with her TG4 documentary which focuses on the change.

The show, Meanapás: Meon Nua aimed to raise awareness around the change of life and push for a campaign for a national menopause policy, and was extremely well received.

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