Gráinne Seoige opens up about becoming a mum at 20 years old


Gráinne Seoige is opening up about her experience becoming a mother, at a young age, on her new documentary, Meanapás: Meon Nua.

The broadcaster welcomed her son Conall at just 20 years old, and while there certainly was challenges along the way, Gráinne stressed that a mother’s ability to love and care knows no age.

Explaining: “I don’t have anything to compare it to. Because that’s how I always was. That was my normality.”

“Your world changes overnight, but that happens to you when you become a mother, whether you’re 20, 30 or 40. Your focus is on this little human being that you’re completely responsible for, and you’re in love with.”

“Because it’s a love like no other. It takes over your life and it makes your priorities laser sharp. It just happened to me younger than most of my friends. I actually think it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it gave me a head start.”


Gráinne also acknowledged how her family’s support was important, in enabling her to follow her dream career and be a mother.

Saying: “The support enabled me to not only have my lovely little boy, but also to be able to go for it in terms of finishing my education and beginning my career.”

Meanapás: Meon Nua, is a TG4 documentary focusing on attitudes toward menopause in Ireland.

The Galway girl was honest about her experiences of aging, highlight how negative some of the attitudes she experienced were.

Sharing: “I remember when I was turning 40, a couple of newspapers got in touch with me and wanted to do a “Fab at 40” interview and photoshoot with me,’ she said in an interview with the Sunday Independent. ‘I think the subtext is almost “Fab at 90″. Almost like by turning 40, you become decrepit.”

“You’re literally coming into the height of your power. When you get to a certain age, you see behind the curtain. And you see the rubbish that goes on in society.”


Meanapás: Meon Nua is a passion project of Gráinne’s, as she hopes to start a conversation about menopause in Irish society.

Saying: “Women’s health in general in this country seems to be a bit of a taboo and I think we need more on those things so people realise it’s normal, it’s a part of life and it’s ok to talk about how you feel.”

While on Twitter Gráinne expressed her hopes the documentary will have an impact.

Writing: “I really hope this programme helps people.”

“Tá súil a’m go bhfaighfidh daoine tuiscint agus cabhair ón gclár seo.”

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