Gráinne Seoige reveals how Grá ar an Trá measures up to Love Island

Pic: Ruth Medjber

Grá Ar An Trá is finally here!

The long-awaited Irish dating show started this week, and it’s bound to be great craic altogether.

We’ll get to see a number of young, single Irish people embark on a journey to find love, brush up on their Gaeilge, and be in with the chance to win a cash prize of €10,000.

However, there’s a twist! Of each couple paired up, only one is fluent in Irish. They’ll be tasked with teaching their other half as much of the language as possible, so they can be crowned the “couple with the most focail”. Gas!

James Kavanagh and Síomha Ní Ruairc will present the dating show, with Gráinne Seoige ruling the roost as the couples’ Cinnire.

Anyone else getting Gaeltacht flashbacks?!

We caught up with Gráinne ahead of the first episode tonight to find out how she felt while making the exciting new show.

Pic: Ruth Medjber

The Galway native shared that she had “so much craic” filming with James and Síomha, giving us some insight into their own relationship with the Irish language.

“[Síomha] was raised in Dublin, not in the Gaeltacht…her Irish is absolutely gorgeous. And then there’s James, who wouldn’t have so much, but doesn’t have any hang ups about the language, wants to learn it and did learn it…I think having them on the show represents that feeling around the language that exists nowadays.

“They’re great craic,” she added. “They brought so much to the show and I think there’ll be a big comedy element from them that will go down really well.”

Speaking about the contestants we’ve yet to meet, Gráinne spoke about how their passion for the language is moving.

“We’ve got some stunning examples on the show of [people] between 20 and 29…[they’re] talented, successful, broad minded. They’re a wonderful example of who we’re producing as a nation. And they all either speak [Irish], or want to learn it. I think that positivity really touched me while filming”.

As for how it is to watch the couples interact, Gráinne feels that it’s different from the dating she remembers!

“The contestants are of a completely different generation, so they approach everything very differently. It’s refreshing to see how they manage it, they’re quite honest with each other, they’re not afraid or shy! I think that’s a positive.”

When it comes to her own favourite dating show (aside from this one!), Gráinne admits she’s a big Love Island fan.

“I do love Love Island. I’ve been sitting with Greg [O’Shea] all summer on the six o’clock show and he’s obviously the most successful Irish representative on that show that has ever existed, having won it, and I can see why.


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“When you work with him he’s so charming and personable, and himself and Maura walked into that show that year and caused a sensation! And they are still working and doing really really well.”

As for the challenges we might see on the show, Gráinne shares that there’s a sports day, Irish dancing, and lots more in store for our eager contestants! She stresses that unlike any other dating show, Grá Ar An Trá is “uniquely Irish”, and that’s what makes it so great.

You can keep up with Grá ar an Trá every Monday at 9pm on Virgin Media One

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