Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny reveal they “never liked” pre-recorded interviews on The Late Late Show

Ryan's predecessors have slammed "unsatisfactory" pre-recorded interviews, after viewers were left disappointed with last night's show.

They never liked doing pre-recorded interviews.
They never liked doing pre-recorded interviews.

Former Late Late Show hosts, Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny have revealed that they never liked carrying out pre-recorded interviews when they were presenting the programme.

Last night’s Late Late Show featured two pre-recorded interviews with singer, Michael Bublé and comedian, Graham Norton and viewers were not impressed that the show lacked it’s usual live quality interviews.

Seasoned presenter, Gay said that over the course of his presenting career he has tried pre-records, but he never found them to be good enough.

“I tried pre-records myself and I found them unsatisfactory.” he told the Irish Mirror. “In the course of my 40 years I remember doing it three times and I just found it very unsatisfactory because the 200 people in the studio audience are sitting there looking at a television screen.

“They realise they might as well be at home and get unhappy. I think if Graham Norton or Michael Buble are on the show, they want them there with them and Ryan – not prerecorded.”

However, he admitted  that he completely understands that sometimes there’s no other choice but to record the interview prior to the show.

“I completely understand it though if they really want to have them on the show and they aren’t available to come live. People at home don’t know any different unless they’re told otherwise.” he said.

Graham Norton\

Pat Kenny also revealed that he only did a couple of pre-recorded interview during his reign as the presenter of the show, but still understands that some interviews have to be pre-recorded due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

“First of all I never liked (pre-recorded interviews). We did possibly two or three in my ten years.” he said.

“There was less than you could count on one hand. It was usually when there was an inavailability – either you prerecord them or you don’t get them. That was the only reason. “Graham (Norton) has his own show of course so he’s not as free as he would like to be to promote his new book.”


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