Exclusive! Ryan Tubridy tells us his most difficult EVER Late Late Show guest

His answer isn't too surprising...

Ryan Tubridy got in on the April Fools Day fun by telling listeners he was broadcasting from a Chipper Van when in fact he was working out of the 2FM Roadcaster at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre with Maia Dunphy as a guest, Dublin, Ireland - 01.04.14. Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM *** Local Caption *** Ryan Tubridy
Ryan tells his his worst interview

It will be remembered as a car crash telly moment and now Ryan Tubridy has admitted his most difficult interviewee was Ryan O’Neal.

The actor was a guest on Ryan’s chat show back in March and shocked viewers and the host alike after making an inappropriate sexual joke about his daughter Tatum.

The American was on the programme to talk about his late partner Farrah Fawcett and her cancer battle, but things took a turn for worse when he made an uncomfortable reference to his daughter.

“[Farrah] was so brave and full of courage and never complained. She never let us feel what she was feeling. I haven’t been with anyone since. How do you follow that girl?” he said.

The interview was cringeworthy
The interview was cringeworthy

“Well I could be with Tatum, I guess, but it’s a bit late in the game,” he laughed. Tubs responded by telling him that circumstance would be a bit “weird.”

Today, VIP met the tv and radio star at the RTE One press launch and he spoke about how it wasn’t easy to have the actor on as a guest.

“That was a tricky one… it made for engaging telly, but it was strange,” he told us. “But then we had Russell Crowe on, who was AMAZING. And that’s The Late Late Show!”

Ryan, who said the format for his chat show will change slightly this time round, also opened up about his dream guests today.

“I’d love to go on the complete lash with Frank Sinatra! Id love him to come to a party..the ashtrays, the booze, the company and the sing song would be killer at the end,” he said.

Ryan and Ray, pictured today, get on "really well" | Damien Eagers
Ryan and Ray, pictured today, get on “really well” | Damien Eagers

“I would love to have a lovely long chat over a glass of wine and a good dinner with James Stewart, my favourite actor, who is a gentleman.”

He added: “Third one… I’d be heading towards Bill Clinton because I’m a fan of his, I thought his eight years as President were extraordinary and he’s bold as brass. We could talk books, politics and history.”

The presenter, who recently announced he’s making the move from RTE2 to Radio One, also said he doesn’t want people creating a rivalry between him and new Saturday night chat show king Ray D’Arcy, insisting the pair respect one another and “really get on”.

“This tawdry rivalry is totally unnecessary,” he commented. “It’s unhelpful and it’s unpleasant.”

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