EXCLUSIVE! Behind the scenes with Lisa Fitzpatrick

We chatted to the stylist about her favourite things whilst backstage at this month's magazine's fabulous shoot!

Lisa STUNNED in her latest VIP shoot
Lisa STUNNED in her latest VIP shoot


VIP caught up with the blonde, bubbly and effortlessly stylish Lisa Fitzpatrick recently for an amazing photoshoot in the Beacon Hotel with her adorable kids Sophie & Dalton. Lisa chatted to us about her home life with hubby Paul, her strict parenting style and how she had to overcome struggles to become the super-successful stylist she is today (who recently won a VIP Style Award gong for Look of the Year, FYI!)

Check out the full interview in this month’s VIP magazine, out in shops now, but for now, read on to find out what makes Lisa tick…

Home or away holiday?

Sunshine, away – love that feeling of heat. But you can’t beat the fun we have in Ireland. I’m going on a friendship rally with a Harley Davidson crew soon and we have so much fun; we do it every year. I’m also traveling with Fashion Fix so our children love to come with me

Sun tan or fake tan?

Fake tan! I love the sun, but I wear a hat and factor 50 as I just get freckles and go very red. Luckily, there are so many great tans out there. I especially like Cocoa Brown and Tough Stuff, which is essential for scrubbing when the tan starts to look dodgy!

Heels or flats?

Flats daily, but heels if I’m trying to look slimmer after a weekend of indulgence, which is every weekend!

Nightdress or pj’s?

Pj’s I sleep better in, but I wear nightdresses when away, which isn’t very often, unfortunately. Nightdresses do look a little sexier, mind you. I did buy lovely silk pj’s in M&S; at least I’ve moved away from fleece!

Pool or ocean?

Sound of the ocean – nothing beats it, except the smell of coffee in the morning!

Idle or busy?

Always busy – that makes me happy. But I do take 10-20 minutes daily to do Transcendental Meditation. It’s important I do it and I enjoy it.

Pictured again on our exclusive shoot, Lisa is looking pretty al-white to us! (ahem)
Pictured again on our exclusive shoot, Lisa is looking pretty al-white to us! (ahem)



Saturday or Sunday?

Love Sundays – in the morning my husband and kids watch documentaries in bed but I’m banned because I talk too much! They now pause the tv when I walk into the room for my obligatory cuddles! Often we’ll also go for a big walk or cycle, I’ll cook a roast, have a long bath, watch a movie and drink wine!

Smart or casual?

Comfy casual – my typical day.

Fact or fiction?

Well, I’ve just started The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I’ll let you know what I think…

Tv or theatre?

Tv: Scandal, House of Cards, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy.

Sounds or silence?

I never travel without my music and always have the radio on at home in the background. I like listening to chart music but I love Chic, Etta James, Barbra Streisand if I’m cooking and Beyoncé or Rihanna if I’m getting ready to go out.

Lisa poses with her gorgeous kids on our shoot
Lisa poses with her gorgeous kids on our shoot



Childhood or adulthood?

Adulthood, but I still act like a child, especially when I’m giddy and feeling bold!

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury – that’s my downfall: crackers, cheese, wine.

Tea or toast?

Both! Especially melted butter on McCambridge’s bread, and always coffee first thing the morning, which my son Dalton makes me, every day – well trained!

Sunrise or sunset?

Did both once on a beach with friends! That was amazing!


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