EXCLUSIVE: Alison Canavan dishes on her tips for staying healthy this summer

Alison says it's all about getting outdoors and fresh food this summer!

Alison Canavan dishes on staying fit and healthy this summer!
Alison Canavan dishes on staying fit and healthy this summer!

Model, tv presenter and fitness enthusiast Alison Canavan is no stranger to exercise and wellbeing. In an exclusive interview with vipmagazine.ie, Alison has dished on some key tips for staying fit this summer.

The Minding Mum author is the ambassador for this year’s National Bike Week, and she says it’s all about getting outdoors to exercise this summer.

Alison’s new role has seen her leaving the car at home and taking to the great outdoors more often with her 5-year-old son James. The pair have been going cycling in the park, doing some shopping and visiting family all on the bike, and they’re loving it!

“We cycle everywhere, I didn’t realise how much I drove before. I hopped in the car for everything! So what we’ve done now is started to cycle everywhere and it’s been brilliant, we’ve been having loads of fun,” she said.

Alison feels that we
Alison feels that we need to incorporate exercise into our lives naturally.

“We go to the park and go on adventures. I’m bringing James to school on the bike, I’m picking him up from after school, we’re doing little bits of shopping so it’s been really cool actually!”

Alison believes that incorporating exercise into our day will relieve some stress from our busy lives. The 37-year-old feels that we should use the time we have wisely and try to eliminate stress from our lives. Preach Alison, preach!

“We’re time poor, it’s about using the time we have. For me, I’ve been a lot more relaxed about exercise since I’ve been cycling because I feel I’m getting it into my day naturally. We need to stop stressing about trying to include things into our lives. There’s no point in doing something if it’s going to bring stress into our lives, it’s counterproductive.”

The model says we should enjoy our food
The model says we should enjoy our food

In terms of healthy eating, the mum-of-one has a refreshing approach. She feels that simplicity is key; keep things fresh, colourful and enjoy your food.

“I’m about real food and keeping it simple. Fresh is key and in the summer we have access to loads of fresh, vibrant, colourful fruit and veg. We underestimate the power of colour in our diets. Also try enjoy your food, it shouldn’t be a chore,” she added.

For more fitness and wellness tips, check out Alison’s website, Alisoncanavan.com. Also, why not get involved with some of the fab cycling events happening this week. You can find them all at www.bikeweek.ie

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