Ervinas Merfeldas opens up about his first year on Dancing With the Stars

Ervinas Merfeldas

Professional dancer Ervinas Merfeldas was asked, during an Instagram Q&A, about how he found his experience on Dancing With the Stars after his first year on the show and he revealed just how much he loved it.

Speaking about how much he enjoyed the experience, the Kildare native made sure to praise his celeb partner Missy Keating. Writing on his Instagram Story; “It was definitely a lot of fun, and I’m just so thankful that I was able to dance with someone so bubbly and fun as @missyykeating for my first year.”

He also shared what his favourite dance of the season was, sharing; “it has to be the contemporary ballroom with Missy cause it was just so different and outstanding from all the other ones we had done.”

Missy Keating, Ervinas Merfeldas

The 19-year-old also opened up about his future on the show, saying; “It was definitely an amazing experience and I loved every part of it. I would love to go back next year as well.”

However, one thing Ervinas kept a tight lid on, was his favourite person on the show. Diplomatically writing, “No matter how I answer this I will end up being attacked by someone so imma say the dancers.”

He also gave followers a bit of insight into his background in dancing, revealing he did not have much of a choice when he first started. As he wrote; “I started dancing at the age of 6 so definitely more than 10 years and I only started because I was dragged into a studio by my mam, at that age and then ended up loving it afterwards.”

But Ervinas’ life isn’t all about ballrooms and choreography, when asked what the most adventurous thing he’d done outside of the show was, he shared; “I would have to say skydiving was an incredible experience and I was terrified to do it until it ended up happening.”

Missy Keating, Ervinas Merfeldas

Ervinas and Missy were eliminated from the show in week four, after they danced a cheeky charleston to ‘Out Out’ by Joel Corry & Jax Jones feat. Charli XCX & Saweetiw, which scored them a 24 from the judges.

Giving feedback after their performance head judge Loraine said; “What a funky fun charleston, I loved all the different moves. Gorgeous kicks and flicks. The lifts were the very good. I think you smashed it.”

Unfortunately this brilliant feedback wasn’t enough to keep them in the competition and the pair were sent home after landing in the dance-off against Erica Cody and Denys Samson.

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