Erica Cody advices fans to push themselves out of their comfort zone


There’s nothing like a bit of travelling to provide you with some clarity in life, which is precisely what has happened to Erica Cody.

The singer, who has been busy working away in London the past few days, decided to take to Instagram before heading home where she shared some words of wisdom with her fans.

“This is why I love my own company & travelling,” she began.

“Sitting in my hotel room in another city, a little bit more vulnerable than usual and letting songs fall out of me in 10 mins!


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“It’s been so long since that’s happened.. always push yourself out of your comfort zone besties.. you’re guaranteed to find pieces of yourself you thought you lost along the way on this crazy ride called life.

Erica then teased that she had an exciting project in the works adding: “I already can’t wait to bring this one to life!!”

She then advised her followers that if there’s something in life they want, to go after it and make it happen.

“Get on that plane, boat or train and go make it happen. You carry all the power to create and live your dream life.

Pic: Instagram/Erica Cody

“It doesn’t come without its struggles, tears but those are the ebbs and flows.

“Trust your instincts & trust the process,” she shared.

Before concluding, Erica once again assured fans that big things were coming.

So watch this space people!

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