Ellie Kelly and Charleen Murphy tease future plans ahead of podcast tour

Charleen Murphy and Ellie Kelly Pic: Brian McEvoy

Ellie Kelly and Charleen Murphy have been taking the podcast world by storm in recent years.

The two women are bringing their podcast, Hold My Drink, on tour around the country and they can’t contain their excitement as we chat about it.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I think when I look back at my life I’ll be like, ‘What the hell? I went on tour?’ For people to be so excited to see our show, it’s such a nice feeling,” Charleen gushes as we catch up at the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards over the weekend.

Ellie quickly adds that she’s excited to bring their live show out of Dublin for the very first time.

Charleen Murphy Pic: Brian McEvoy

“To be able to bring it outside of Dublin is huge. We’ve only ever done Dublin shows and people always say that they want us to come down the country. It’s amazing!” she enthuses.

They bounce off each other perfectly, practically reading each other’s minds as they finish each other’s sentences.

So what are they working on right now?

Charleen tells us with a wide smile: “The tour and hopefully some merch. It would be lovely.”

Ellie Kelly Pic: Brian McEvoy

While Ellie is dreaming big, admitting that they want to work on growing their podcast even more.

“We’d love to grow our podcast more, like the UK market, maybe doing something in Australia! I never thought we’d do an Irish tour so why not do an Australian tour!?” she teases.

Yes, Ellie and Charleen are going worldwide.

The two women may be as bubbly as anything but there is also a dark side to the internet. They have been victims of trolls for years now and it’s something that they take very seriously. So are they used to dealing with negativity almost constantly?

Charleen Murphy and Ellie Kelly Pic: Brian McEvoy

I think it’s easy to say that you’re used to it. But sometimes it can still sting, especially when you’re already insecure about it. You feel like the whole world is seeing it then. You get numb to it,” Charleen explains.

As for Ellie, she admits that it was something that she used to really struggle with.

I used to really let it affect me when I was younger. But the way I look at it now, to reach out to someone, who you don’t know and have no idea what they’re going through, is a reflection on themselves. Block, delete, see ya!”

With a whirlwind few years under their belt, surely they have some sage words of advice for their younger selves. So what would they tell their past selves?

Ellie Kelly and Charleen Murphy Pic: Brian McEvoy

“Just believe in yourself. I had no confidence back then. I had no idea where my life was going. If I look at even 20-year-old me to where I am now, all that’s happened in eight years, I’m like ‘What?’ Just believe in yourself, you’ll go down the right path!” Ellie admits.

Before Charleen adds: “Don’t be so afraid of everything. Just do it. People who are going to say things about you aren’t going to matter. Just do it anyway!”

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