Ed Sheeran shares thoughts on dealing with negative music reviews

Ed Sheeran is set to sit down with Ryan Tubridy for an exclusive chat as his album is released into the world.

He will discuss the death of his close friend Jamal Edwards and his tumultuous 2022 when his wife Cherry was also diagnosed with cancer.

He also opened up about dealing with negative comments about his music. Clearly, he’s gotten a thick skin over the years but he still admits that he wants people to like his songs.

“Do you know what I will say about it. Is every single one of my albums has got slated and then every single next album they always go it is not as good as the last album,“ he told Ryan.

Ed Sheeran on The Late Late Show with host Ryan Tubridy Pic Michelle Daly

“Every single time. Like when I released Multiply, they were like it is not as good as Plus and then when I released Divide then they say it is not as good as Multiply, so I never believe it. I never believe.“

When Ryan asked him does he care what people think, he confessed that of course he does.

“I make music for me. And I sit in my room, and I write songs that make me feel happy. When I choose to release them, you are going to the world, ‘I hope you like this’ you are, otherwise you wouldn’t release them,“ he confesses.

“I don’t understand artists that sign to major record companies and they go ‘I don’t care how it does’. Like you have literally signed to a huge corporation, of course you f***** care!

Ed Sheeran on The Late Late Show with host Ryan Tubridy Pic Michelle Daly

“It’s like the done cool, artist thing to be like, ‘ah yeah you know, I don’t mind’ but you care what people think about your art, otherwise you wouldn’t release it.

“I wouldn’t be sat here on a chat show in Ireland talking about my album if I didn’t want people to listen to it. I want people to listen to it.“

You can watch the full Ed Sheeran interview on The Late Late Show tonight on RTÉ One & RTE Player at 9:35pm

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