Eamonn Holmes: “I was kicked out of a restaurant for spitting out my food”

You stay classy, Eamonn...

eamonn holmes
Eamonn was not impressed!

Eamonn Holmes may be a famous tv presenter, but he has some, eh, interesting table manners, it appears.

The Northern Irish broadcaster has revealed that when filming scenes as part of new Channel 5 series Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives, he spit out some fancy food worth thousands of pounds, resulting in the couple being kicked out of the restaraunt.

“It was a very funny situation and I was served up the most pretentious thing,” the This Morning presenter explained. “It wasn’t in normal circumstances and I had to guess what was in my mouth and I panicked a bit.

“What was in my mouth foamed up slightly and I spat it out. Anyway, we were basically thrown out because of that. It was haute cuisine and I don’t know why I (spat it out).”

He continued: “But come on, I just wanted to stop and say ‘Are you kidding here?’. The amount was thousands of pounds for a melt in the mouth thing and I really just thought ‘Get over yourself’. How can you, in a real world, say that this is somehow worthwhile doing?”

eamonn holmes
The pair are sampling a rich lifestyle for the new show

The series sees the pair sampling the lives of the rich and famous, including travelling all over the world meeting billionaires who own £2 million watches, flying via private jet at a cost of £10,000 a trip and paying £100,000 just to secure a table at the most exclusive clubs in Ibiza.

But Eamonn says that when it comes to his own spending habits, he has a “big conscience” about wasting money.

Explaining that he and Ruth are from “a working-class family”, the 55-year-old said:  “As your earnings go up, you run out of friends. Because you run out of people to share it with.

“It’s alright saying ‘We can afford a weekend here’, but so few people around you can. I went through a stage where I used to pay for everybody: ‘Come on, come with us – I’ll pay for it’.

“Then I realised people really didn’t admire you for that, they actually resented you a bit for it. And you sort of find your own level and you realise the more wealth you get is a difficult thing to balance.”

Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives airs Thursday October 27 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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