Don’t miss this part of the Toy Show tonight!

Ryan revealed one part he's really looking forward to!

Late Late Toy Show 06

If you’re a Toy Show fanatic you’ll be looking forward to every moment of the night.

Thankfully, we already know that the creative theme this year is The Little Mermaid and that the studio is filled with nautical wonder.

Ryan has also revealed that there are some other elements he’s really looking forward to.

He revealed that some acts made ‘men cry’ with their talent, for example.

However, the host explained that he is really looking forward one specific part of the show that is not to be missed.

Ryan hinted at a special moment in the show.

“Don’t miss the very beginning of the programme. There’s a tiny thing before the opening credits.

“You know when you’re leaving the cinema and someone comes out and says ‘here’s an even funnier bit’ but on this one, it’s the pre-show.

“There’s a tiny little sequence you should watch out for that I quite like,” he teased.

Late Late Toy Show 08

“It’s nothing to do with me, but it’s offbeat, I like it, It’s a nod,” he told VIP.

So make sure not to miss the start of the show by even a minute!

Speaking about the show being live and the occasional blunder that goes with it, he said: “I love when stuff doesn’t work, when people go ‘oh no the batteries don’t work’… good!

“That’s reality. Sometimes in life, stuff doesn’t work. That’s a metaphor, but for the toys, sometimes on Christmas morning the elves drop the wrong things or the batteries don’t work.

“So when that happens on the Toy Show and we’re all looking at this doll that’s meant to cry or wee or whatever and they are doing neither, you think, well that’s one to strike from Santa’s list because you don’t want people wasting… time on their letters to elves in the North Pole, you know what I’m saying?”

The Late Late Toy Show airs Friday at 9.35 on RTE One.

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