Domhnall Gleeson gets tetchy when asked about working with Angelina Jolie

The award-winning actress directed him in 'Unbroken'

Domhnall wasn't happy with the question put to him
Domhnall wasn’t happy with the question put to him

Domhnall Gleeson is usually known for his mild and meek manner, but he recently saw red when asked about his thoughts on Angelina Jolie, who directed him in WW2 epic Unbroken.

The actor got extremely tetchy in an interview with the Sunday Indepedent’s ‘Living’ magazine when he was asked about his views on the Sony leaks, which did not depict the Maleficent star in a favourable light.

In leaked emails from Producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal, Angelina was referred to as a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”

When questioned about the incident, Domhnall’s “eyes flashed with alarm” as he replied: “I have nothing to say about that, it’s got nothing to do with my experience of her. She was very generous, quite open and caring. And a very good director, which is what I was interested in.”

Angelina jolie
Angelina directed Domhnall in Unbroken

He continued: “When you mentioned the Sony leaks, I am fighting the urge to say ‘why the f**k did you ask me that?’ That would make me a little bit angry. I guess I consider it provocative or something.”

The About Time star added that he would rather be “provocative through (his) work, not as chief rabble-rouser.”

“That’s not an accusation, sorry, just my instinct is to be over-protective of myself,” he explained.

Saoirse & Domhnall star alongside one another in Brooklyn
Saoirse & Domhnall star alongside one another in Brooklyn

The son of acting legend Brendan Gleeson currently plays a leading role in Oscar-tipped Brooklyn, alongside Saoirse Ronan.

The movie, which is receiving rave reviews, will be on general release on Friday.

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