Parents issue warning over new children’s Christmas movie

Pic: Disney+

This time of year, we’re sitting down to watch all the classic Christmas films with our little ones.

As well as some of the new offerings this year!

However, there is one movie that we would give a miss if you have little eyes around.

Warning: This article is not for little eyes, as it discusses where Santa Claus is from.

The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, landed on Disney+ this week. We’re sure that kids around the country are very excited to watch the new animated flick.

However, warnings have gone out about the contents of the film as it has the possibility of “ruining” the magic of Santie.

The film follows Greg Heffley, the aforementioned Wimpy Kid, in the run-up to Christmas. He wants to get a gaming console and has promised to be as good as possible in the hopes that Santa will bring it.

At around the 22-minute mark, Greg goes upstairs to get wrapping paper at the request of his mother. However, when he opens the cupboard he sees the game console that he has asked Santa for hidden in the back.

Pic: Disney+

Probably not ideal for little ones who believe in Santa and will more than likely start to ask questions.

Things get worse when he opens a present on Christmas Eve expecting it to be the gaming console from his parents but it ends up being clothes from his grandmother. This really cements that the gift is meant to be from Santa.

While the film ends with Greg donating the gaming console he receives on Christmas morning, which helps him learn the meaning of Christmas.

The film is rated 6+ on Disney+, however, parents have suggested that it be changed to 12+.

So if you have little ones in the house who Santa is coming to, we would give this film a miss.

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