Des Bishop opens up about his wedding to Hannah Berner and why he stayed off his phone for their big day


Comedians Des Bishop and Hannah Berner made headlines when they tied the knot back in May. But kept relatively quiet about their wedding since then. But now, Des has opened up about the special occasion on his The Des Bishop Podcast, with guest Stephen Mullan, who attended the big day.

While Des has since posted pictures from the wedding, on the actual day of he held back, wanting to focus on enjoying the experience.

In fact, Des and Hannah even turned down the New York Times, when they were asked about chronicling their wedding day, wanting to just focus on enjoying their celebration.

As the comedian explained: “There was options to have some like presence at the wedding, and we said no to that. We ended up having a fight about it actually.”


Continuing: “Because the New York Times has like a wedding section, right?”

“They have a section and they wanted to feature our wedding but to do that, they have their own photographer at the wedding and like you have to do like an interview. Each of you have to do an interview and they like talk to like your parents.”

“You know a basically for me, it was just like, I don’t want to worry about how our wedding is put out.”

But bride Hannah disagreed, as Des explained: “Hannah’s argument was that people are going to cover it anyway. So why not have us in charge of that?”

“But in the end, I was just like, ‘Listen, I don’t care if people cover it. But for me personally I don’t want this to feel like our job in anyway, shape or form, shouldn’t feel like work in anyway.’ She was happy anyway, in the end, it was fine.”


Really enjoying the night, Des actually stayed off his phone, only taking a few videos at the end of the night.

As Stephen mentioned: “I did get messages, because I did some [Instagram] stories. But I was a bit like smart about it, it was well after the event and happened and all that kind of stuff. But I did get messages from people saying, ‘just to let you know, there hasn’t been anything on [Des’] story. So maybe you shouldn’t?'”

With Des explaining: “I sort of made a conscious decision of just like, ‘I’m going to just experience this in its entirety without any concern for my phone.”

“I didn’t take a single photo the entire night because, first of all, people were employed to take photos and other people were taking photos.”

Only taking a few videos at the end of the night, when people began dancing on the bar.


Both lads agreed it was one of the best weddings they had been to, with Des praise his wife her work on the special event.

With Stephen starting off, saying: “I’m not saying that because I’m sitting next year. This is does not reflect any other weddings I’ve been to before, But can I just say by a mile, this was the funnest wedding I was ever at! It was fantastic.”

To which Des replied: “This has nothing to do with the fact that it was it was my wedding, but I hadn’t been to a wedding in a while actually. But been I’ve been to three since, I’ve been to three weddings, and all those weddings were fun. Yeah, but something, we got lucky.”

“I don’t know what happened with our wedding yet. But it was f*cking great. It wasn’t like a wedding, it was like a festival weekend. We got lucky, and  I don’t know what it was, because now I’ve been to some wedding since and like they were all good, but they felt like weddings and our wedding…It was f*cking great craic and I don’t know what the secret ingredient was.”

“It all has to go down to Hannah really, she organised everything. But something clicked with the wedding. It was brilliant crack. It was so it was very it was great craic from start to finish.”


Des and Hannah married after two years together, back in May.

The pair tied the knot in a relaxed beach ceremony, followed by a reception at Des’ Hamptons home in New York.

According to Page Six, the pair incorporated many personal details into their big day. The reality star had the coupe’s initials, “H+D” painted on her ring finger. And wanted something special for their menu they named the drinks after their cat, Butter, and dog, Romeo.

Calling the custom cocktails “Butter’s Bellini” and “Romeo’s Martini.”

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