Des Bishop makes shocking comments about his ‘tough’ relationship and intimacy issues

He made the remarks on last night’s Late Late Show.

Des spoke to Ryan last night about his relationship issues
Des spoke to Ryan last night about his relationship issues

Des Bishop’s girlfriend can’t seem to catch a break these days, as following his unsavoury remarks about her earlier in the year on RTE Radio One, he’s back at it again.

Last night on the Late Late Show, despite saying his remarks were jokes, made a number of shocking comments about his relationship with his Chinese girlfriend.

Des joked about the age gap in their relationship, before remarking that the reason their relationship is ‘tough’ is that he has major intimacy issues.

When asked how things are going, he said, “It’s good, but it’s tough. I’m 40 next week… Double congratulations because she’s 25! That’s the only thing I’m worried about being 40, is it just seems awkward now. No, it’s just she’s 25 and I’m maybe in a bit more of a rush to be married.

His long distance relationship isn't easy
He would want to be married quicker than her

“I’m in a relationship, it’s really tough long distance. I’m not going to say it’s not going to work out, but a lot of stars have to align for it to work out.”

He continued, “I’m 40, I’m not married and a lot of people are saying to me, ‘Des, come on man, what’s going on there? What’s your problem?’ And I’m not sure what it is, but I think I have a problem with intimacy.

“For example, I think about other women during sex. The audience is laughing because they think that’s normal behavior, but I have a chronic problem. I think about ex girlfriends when I’m with my current girlfriend. That’s a problem, because I’m thinking about a woman who I wasn’t thinking about when I was with them.

Joke or no joke, we doubt she'd be impressed with his comments
Joke or no joke, we doubt she’d be impressed with his comments

“A few years ago I was with a woman who done a lot of therapy and she confronted me on my issues. One day we’re in the middle of it, and she stops me and looks me in the eye and says, ‘I can tell you’re thinking about someone else. You’re not present in the moment, you’re thinking about someone else.’

“I just wanted to say, ‘Relax, your time will come!’ I just want to admit right now, that is a straight up joke,” he said.

When asked about when whether his girlfriend should be nervous watching the show tonight, Des retorted, “The great thing about her is she doesn’t speak English so I can say what I want… When she’s watching this, I’ll say I was telling them how much I loved you.”

Des is currently back in Ireland to spend time with his very ill mother.

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