Daniel and Majella become grandparents!

The happy couple take to twitter to announce the birth of Olivia Shields to Majella's daughter, Siobhan.

Daniel & Majella 0-22
Pictured at an exclusive VIP photoshoot, Daniel and Majella pose with her two children, Siobhan and Michael

One of Ireland’s favourite couples announced the birth of baby Olivia last night, whose mother Siobhan is one of Majella’s two children from a previous relationship. Majella took to twitter with the following message: “Delighted to announce that my daughter Siobhan has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.”

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Daniel and Siobhan, photographed back in November 2008

Back in November 2008, Majella and Daniel posed for an exclusive VIP photoshoot with her children Siobhan and Michael, who were 20 and 18 respectively at the time. At that photoshoot, Siobhan talked about her mum. “She’s very supportive,no matter what I do,” Siobhan told VIP. “She always makes me feel really good about myself. I have a very good relationship with my dad, but I rely on my mum for everything.”

grand daughter
The first picture of baby Olivia

We’ll be seeing a lot more of ‘Danjella’, as we like to call them in VIP Towers, as UTV Ireland will soon air their much-anticipated tv series, Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip, which will see the couple driving around Ireland and taking in some of this country’s famous hospitality.

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