Crystal Swing star Mary Burke reveals husband Mike has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

Crystal Swing Mary Dervla Mike Burke

Singer Mary Burke revealed her husband Mike was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October 2021, following severe weight loss, and speech issues.

The Crystal Swing singer opened up to RSVP about his diagnosis, explaining they had noticed symptoms very early on; “He started to feel extremely unwell about fifteen months ago. He lost a lot of weight and had severe bowel problems.”

“People started to ask if Mike was unwell, it was so obvious to them that something was wrong. His whole body started to slow down, his speech was slurred and he found it difficult to do simple tasks like washing his teeth.”

His symptoms became so severe, Mike was unable to work. As she explained; “He was unable to work for many months as a result. His appetite was very poor at this time.”

Crystal Swing Dervla Burke O'Connor Mike

Despite knowing there was a problem, his actual diagnosis was still challenging news for Mary and the family. She said; “Initially, it was a shock to get a diagnosis of this momentum but it did not sway our trust in God.”

“He hadn’t been well for a while and it was obvious that something wasn’t right. In the end, the diagnosis didn’t come as a shock because the symptoms indicated that he had Parkinson’s. But the initial conversation and hearing the words from the doctor is hard, there is no doubt about that.

“At the same time, there was a sense of relief because we knew we could help him going forward.”

She also revealed that he had received medication to help, but still need a hands to do some tasks. “His lovely neurologist prescribed medication for him and advised us of the side effects to expect. At this time Mike needed my help to do the simplest things like dressing and washing.”

Luckily Mike’s health has improved greatly over the past few months. So much so, that he was able to go back to work.

Prior to experiencing symptoms Mike worked as a general operative at a plant in East Cork, a job which he was able to return to just three weeks ago.

With Mary explaining his doctor was very impressed with his progress. Saying; “We went to see his neurologist in March. She was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in him.” She also revealed he luckily hasn’t had any side effects from his medication and only needs a low dosage.

The couple consider Mike’s improvement to be a miracle; “We thank God daily for his great health and for the miracles he continues to bestow on us on a daily basis.”

Here’s wishing him continued improvement and good health.

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