Brian O’Driscoll shares the exact details of how he brought the wrong dog home from the groomer


Brian O’Driscoll made headlines this week, after collecting the wrong dog from the groomer’s.

With his mishap going viral after wife, Amy Huberman, shared the story on social media. But Brian is explaining exactly what happened which led to picking up the wrong pup.

Speaking on Off The Ball, the rugby star joked: “I will not be remembered as the guy who lifted the Grand Slam for the first time in 61 years. I will not be that guy.”

“An easy mistake, it could happen to anyone.”


Brian explained how the groomers brought him the wrong dog initially, which he realised very quickly, but when they took a second dog out, he was distracted and at a glance thought it was the family dog, Phoebe.

Sharing: “I had my concerns. They bring one dog out and I see the willy and I’m like no no that’s not her then they bring another one out and it looks pretty like Phoebe in my mind and it jumps up on me and I’m like ‘It’s Phoebe’.

“I’m on a call at the time and I pick her up and I throw her into the back seat of the car and we drive away and she’s very quiet in the back seat of the car and she gives out a yelpy bark and I’ve not heard that one before and thinking she really isn’t feeling herself.”

But Brian soon realised his error, when he pulled up to his house.

Explaining: “I get home and the penny dropped when I opened the car door and she wouldn’t jump out. It was too high for her and I was like ‘really?'”

“I was like ‘Oh no’ and that was when my concerns began. There was a lot of sniffing going on as they let her into the front door and then I opened the door and she ran in.”


Eventually Brian had to ask Amy if it was their dog.

As he said: “And then I went into the back garden and my missus was on the phone to someone and it was an important call but I was like ‘Is this Phoebe’.

“The two of us are there [calling her name] and she goes ‘no’ so I picked the dog up and brought her back to the groomers and my missus texted me saying ‘that’s definitely not her, you’ve taken the wrong one’.

“So I did take this dog in the front seat on the way home and tried to comfort her.”

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