Amy Huberman shares snaps from Amsterdam trip with Brian O’Driscoll

Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll

Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll were a busy pair as they enjoyed a stay in the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

Sharing a look at their getaway, Amy took to Instagram and showed followers what they had been up to while away. The couple clearly enjoyed the bustling city and of course had to hop on some bike while in the cycling hub.

Sharing a snap of their bike ride, Amy joked: “Just a couple of cyclepaths”

They also headed to Amsterdam’s famous Upside Down museum.

Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll

The museum features rooms and displays based around optical illusions.

The actress shared some snaps from their visit, including one of the couple sitting in an alcove as the room appeared to be upside down.

Writing: “The quickest lil hang out with himself in between matches”

Amy also shared a photo from a display, which made it look like Brian had a severed head.

Brian O'Driscoll

While in Amsterdam, they also saw the city’s Stolpersteine.

Stolpersteine are copper cobbled stones designed to commemorate victims of the Nazi Party’s oppression during World War II.

With Amy, who is of Jewish heritage, explaining they were “incredibly moving.”


The writer also opened up about her first time in Amsterdam as a child.

Reminiscing she wrote: “Well that was a fun whistlestopper of Amsterdam. Last time I was there I was in 6th class on a school tour/school exchange as a part of an EEC (old skoool EU) European kids hanging out with each other thing? Stayed with a random family which I feel was way more early 90’s than it would be nowadays ‘Off ya pop to Holland there for now for a week for yourself love’”

“I’ll never forget the Dad of the family arriving on his bike, strapping my case to the back of it, instructing me to “WACHT HEIR!” cycling off, coming back half an hour later, then it was my turn for the backer. They couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t speak Dutch (I can speak double Dutch but it wasn’t helpful), my exchange’s brother could speak a little English, but only exclusively in the form of Bon Jovi lyrics.”

And there was a French girl staying there too who was really homesick, I told everyone I was going to handle the situation as I was able to count to ten in French. I counted to ten. She cried more and then went home.”

“This visit was a lot different but I had such brilliant memories of The Dam as a kid. Even though weirdly Brian communicates in Bon Jovi lyrics sometimes too, but other than that is fully fluent.”

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