Bonnie Ryan defends decision to hide her husband’s identity online


Bonnie Ryan has been with her husband, John, since they met on the playground.

Although the makeup artist choses to live her life in the public eye, she is acutely aware that her husband has no interest in that side of her career.

So much so that she will always block his face when she does post anything about them on her Instagram which is followed by 112k people.

The pair recently tied the knot in Italy with Bonnie only posting pictures of the couple where John’s face could not be seen. This fact has apparently ruffled some feathers.

Bonnie and John Pic: Instagram/Bonnie Ryan

Bonnie was forced to defend herself when one follower decided to DM her telling her how “annoying” the decision was.

“Beautiful content but so annoying leaving ur husband out of everything..His not a child lol might as well not have him in anything at all..” the mystery person wrote.

Not one to sit on her laurels, Bonnie hit back, responding, “That’s a very weird message to send. He is entitled to his privacy. Just because my job is online doesn’t mean he has to have his face known. I’m showing him respect to his privacy.”

Bonnie and John Pic: Instagram/Bonnie Ryan

She shared the message on her Instagram Stories before going on to say, “I know most people who follow me know I keep certain things in my life private, I’ve tried my best to show wedding content while being respectful to the fact my husband doesn’t want to be on social media.

“A lot of messages like this and I just want you to know this isn’t like something I think is gas that I don’t show him, it’s respect for him and what we have chosen for us.”

Bonnie will hopefully go back to enjoying newlywed bliss after hitting back at the haters!

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